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Points to Consider When Using a Van for Commercial Use

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Sometimes, a tradesman or other business person just has to go where they need to go. Often there are times in business where goods or services are directly delivered to customers or their homes, you will need a form of transport. A common form of transport is the dependable, sturdy business van. Even though lots of people use business vans, not all of them may understand how important it is to keep their passengers, equipment, and more safe. They may also not understand what a target for thieves a business van might be. Luckily, there are ways to safeguard yourself against these very situations. In this article, we will talk about things that business or people with business vans should keep in mind.

Staying Insured

For business vans, just like any other vehicle, car insurance is the law. To prevent any possible legal repercussions, be sure to keep your car insurance policy up to date. Do this by paying your bills and always renewing your policy on time. Not doing so could result in fines, court cases, or worse. Car insurance can also help to protect you in case of an accident, as well as any other people in the van with you. It’s just common sense to have it! However, business owners may very well want to invest in an extra insurance policy. These extra insurance policies might cover other things that businesses need covered. But more on that in a moment.


Security is yet another issue when it comes to business vans. Thieves may just see your business van as a fantastic target. But there are things you can do to deter thieves. This includes:

  • Installing an alarm system that goes off when thieves try to enter your vehicle.
  • Install a safe or a Tuffbox inside your van. We highly recommend the second option. We’ll tell you why in a moment.
  • Getting a GPS system for your business van. This can tell you where your vehicle is if there is a wreck or it is stolen.
  • Always taking the common sense route to bolster security. If you van has a security system, set it. Lock all locks before parking your van anywhere unattended for any length of time.
  • Try to park in lots where surveillance is offered, if possible.
  • Think about installing a device to immobilise your van someone tries to start it without a key if it happens to be an older model.

The Benefits of a Tuffbox

A Tuffbox is an effective and affordable alternative to having a safe in your business van. You can store products, tools, and even important documents in a Tuffbox. For added security, think about bolting this box in your van itself. They are available in a variety of sizes and even shapes.

Insurance for Security’s Sake

All the above tips can help you to improve security. But taking out an extra insurance policy can, as well. This is especially true if you keep expensive tools, products, or equipment in your business van. In some cases, extra insurance policies can be bought to protect these items. In case there are stolen from your van you might be able to recover their costs, or get replacement items for them. Ask your local insurance agent about taking out a bit of extra insurance for just this purpose.


We must also mention the importance of safety when driving your business van. Be sure that whoever happens to be operating your van has had experience driving such a vehicle before. You may even want to require training in your firm for anyone who will be a driver. Whenever you are operating this van, be sure that it is not overloaded before taking it out onto the road. Also be sure to drive well under the speed limit. Give others on the road more than enough room, as well.

Total Protection

We believe that the need for safety and security while operating a business van is totally clear. Doing so can protect you, your business, your reputation, products, and your employees. It can save you from wasting a lot of time, money, and effort in the future. In some cases, it can even save you from liability in the event of a court case or legal issue. You simply cannot afford to be too careful if you own a business that operates a van on a regular basis!

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