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How to Protect Your Car

How to Protect Your Car

No matter where you might live, your car could be in danger from theft. And not just the car itself, either. Thieves look for all sorts of things when committing automotive robberies. In this article, we will talk about what Michael Fraser, host of the TV show, Beat the Burglar, advises about what thieves look for. As a reformed thief, Fraser knows all the tricks and secrets of burglars. He now offers his services to not only the BBC, but also to others who want help in upping their security precautions. The answers just might surprise you!

Does Car Make and Model Matter? 

A lot of people seem to think that a newer or nicer car is more likely to get stolen. But in reality, thieves do not care about what kind of car you are in. As a matter of fact, certain types of cars might be more likely than others to be stolen because thieves and criminals can use them for particular tasks. Examples include stealing white vans more often (they do not look suspicious), stealing dark cars more often (to blend in), or trying for something that offers power and strength for certain jobs. Newer cars that are seen as very high powered are at the most risk, though. BMWs, Jaguars, Range Rovers, and even Mercedes owners should take extra precautions. If you drive an equipment van, try your best to put your tools or work equipment out of sight or locked in a Tuffbox.

What a Thief Looks For

Other than particular vehicles what do thieves look for? Things you probably would not expect. Examples include anything that seems to suggest you might have something valuable in the car. This can include things like media cords, phone cables, purses, briefcases, laptop bags, and navigation systems. If you care appears untidy, clean it up. Having your car look a wreck might just tempt thieves to take a look. Be sure to remove anything with your address on it immediately, as thieves might use this to later burglarise your home. Thieves may also look for vehicles that are left unlocked. This happens more often than you would think. Lastly, they target cars without any sort of security system or anti-theft device.

Preventing a Theft

So how can you prevent a theft? A few of the following tips might seem like common sense, but some drivers might need reminding:

Always lock your doors;

Never leave your windows open;

Put any valuables (including tools and equipment) out of site;

Use an anti-theft device, such as a tracker or an etched window alarm.

Do not leave your car keys in an auspicious place in your home or bag.

If possible, make your car look more visibly secure. Put a sticker in the window to tell them about the ant-theft equipment you have installed. Repair and replace locks, too, if they are worn.

Common Parking Mistakes

In addition to the above suggestions, there are also common mistakes that drivers make that lead to their cars being stolen. If you are parking on the road, turn your wheels toward the curb. If you are using a car park, turn your wheels toward the car next to you. Use your driveway to park your car, if possible. When your car is closer to you, a criminal is less likely to attack it over another.  Drive into your driveway, do not backup into it. The more effort thieves have to put into stealing your car, the less likely they are to target it.

The Ideal Situation

For you to be at your safest, you will need to purchase a newer car with a tracker, or equip your current car with a tracker. A tracker allows law enforcement to track down your vehicle in case of emergency or theft. Also consider getting wheel-locking nuts. Put a sticker on the car to tell the thief about the tracker. Place all valuables in a place they cannot be seen. Keep your car clean and tidy. Always lock it and roll up the windows every time you get out.

How Tuffboxes Can Help

Are you looking for a secure place to store your cords, valuables, bags, tools, or equipment when exiting your vehicle? Than look no further than Tuffboxes. Tuffboxes keeps your valuables locked and secure. When a thief notices one of these in your vehicle, they are very likely to move on. Tuffboxes are strong, durable, secured with a lock, and available in a wide range of sizes. Do not just put your valuables out of sight in your vehicle. Instead, go a step further and visibly secure them with a Tuffbox of your own.

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