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Keeping Your Business Safe: Warehouse Security 101

Keeping Your Business Safe Warehouse Security 101

Think security is not as important for your warehouse as it is for your workplace or business front? Think again! Believe it or not, insufficient security in warehouses in Britain leads to around 15 billion pounds in losses each year. Taking some advise from Alex Carmichael, the Technical Director of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). He tells us more about how to prevent any loss to your business by upping warehouse security. You truly cannot afford to not follow his suggestions! 

How to Keep Thieves at Bay

Keeping thieves at bay may seem like a daunting task. But just like any task, security is simply accessing how secure your warehouse currently is, where there are issues, and what solutions to those individuals issues could be implemented. You will find that keeping your warehouse secure will mean turning to the latest the security world has to offer, as well as best practices from today and yesteryear. In that tradition, remember to limit the number of entrances and exits to the warehouse. Keep staging areas away from loading areas. Also keep delivery and dispatch areas separate. Do not place waste receptacles or plants near any entrances or exits, either. Consider where less public areas for employees (coat rooms, bathrooms, and parking lots) are placed, as well.

The Most Common Crime

Why are many of the above listed things concerning employees themselves? Believe it or not, the most common perpetrator of warehouse theft happens to be employees. Sadly, many employees will simply not think twice about stealing from either their employer, or from the warehouse they happen to be picking up from or dropping off at. That’s right: those who are delivering goods to and from your warehouse could also be stealing from you. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can prevent this from happening to you.

Ways to Prevent This

Preventing employee theft is not easy. However, it can be done. Here are just some precautions you should always take:

  • Run background and reference checks on all your workers to be sure they have not committed such crimes before;
  • Encourage any delivery team or goods provider you are working with to also thoroughly vet their employees;
  • Keep valuable goods and tools in locked bins, cabinets, fenced-in areas, or special rooms where only certain employees can get to them;
  • Implement card swipe or chip access for certain rooms, as well as the warehouse itself;
  • Let your employees know you reserve the right to search them and their vehicles. Do this on a regular basis to let them know you are serious about preventing theft;
  • Think about installing alarms on certain doors or doors to certain rooms in your warehouse.
  • Employ security guards and/or services and have them be visible at your warehouse;
  • Improve visibility in and around your factory for those in charge of security.

How Technology Can Help

Technology can play a huge role in keeping your warehouse secure. Not only can things like card swipe systems help, but they can also be relatively inexpensive. They also allow you to view who has accessed particular areas of the building, when, even if you do not have cameras in the area. Think about using systems to keep doors locked during certain times of the day, and making them accessible only during working hours. Equipping security teams with a variety of electronic systems can not only catch thieves, but can also deter the thefts from happening in the first place.

Types of Electronic Systems

However, card swipe cards and timers are not the only thoroughly modern electronic systems you can implement to deter and prevent theft. Closed circuit television can now offer around the clock monitoring. They might be linked to alarm systems, or another monitoring center that can alert authorities at any moment. Audio alarms can also do the same. Not only that, but the sound can seriously deter intruders. Radio frequency identification might also be used in your warehouse to track products from one area to another using electronic tags. If the correct route is not followed, then security in the area is immediately alerted.

How Tuffboxes Can Help

Tuffboxes, in addition to locked rooms, cabinets, and wire cages can also be used to secure important tools, products, and items. Best of all, Tuffboxes also offers a way to deter thieves. When they see that they will not be able to break into the box, they are more likely to give up on it. These large, durable boxes make the most valuable things very difficult for employees to sneak out. Only give the keys to your most trusted employees, or security officers. Place Tuffboxes in vehicles, storage rooms, coat rooms, tool rooms…anywhere you want to protect something of value. We promise they will make a difference.

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