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Why You Need To Invest in a Tuffbox

We live in uncertain times. In uncertain times, the security of your things can be up in the air, to say the least.But with Tuffboxes, all that can change in only a few minutes. You may not have yet heard of Tuffboxes or their innovative security products. Luckily, we are here to tell you why you need to invest in a Tuffbox. If you work out of a vehicle, use tools, or expensive equipment while on the job, you seriously cannot afford to not have a Tuffbox or two at your place of business.


There are plenty of benefits to owning your own Tuffbox. Firstly, the help to safely secure your tools or property in a snap. Compared to other security systems or products, they are simple to use, easy to install, and great for protecting any tools. You will also find that using a security product like Tuffboxes puts your mind at ease while you are on your worksite. No one can access your tools or property except for yourself and anyone else with the keys. Security boxes like ours will deter theft amongst workers, any petty criminals, or even professional criminals. And no one can steal these tough boxes out of your work vehicle, either. They are safely and securely bolted into your vehicle, if needed.


  • CNC profiled.
  • CNC folder.
  • Engineered, produced, and manufactured in Britain.
  • Electrostatically powder coated.
  • Anticorrosive and finished beautifully.
  • Produced to exacting specifications to keep your items more secure than any other security box system on the planet.
  • Available in three different sizes for all your storage needs.
  • Can be locked, chained, bolted to vehicles, and more…


There are lots of uses for our Tuffbox products. Use them in your home or office to store valuables, files, and more. Place them on your worksite to keep tools safe and accounted for on a daily basis. Or use them in your work vehicle while traveling to and from the jobsite, or to and from jobs. They are perfect for hand tools, power tools, expensive equipment, kitchen gadgets, products you might actually be selling, orders that need to be delivered, files, paperwork, and anything you need to keep secure. If you have anything of value that you keep with you while working, then you truly need a Tuffbox. They serve as an extra line of protection between your valuables and thieves.


Tuffbox provides a wide variety of accessories to use in conjunction with your new Tuffbox purchase. Some of our more popular accessories include things like fork feet in either large or small, depending upon the size of your Tuffbox you purchase. These accessories allow you to safely affix your Tuffbox to any forklift for moving heavy loads. For easy moving by hand, you might be interested in purchasing a set of four TB Move Castors, which lets you simply roll your box from one place to another without any worry or hassle. If you are looking to safely secure your Tuffbox on your worksite or in your office, go for either our TB Lockdown, or our TB SuperLockdown. Both of these products are made of heavy duty chain that allows you to quickly and easily lock your Tuffbox. You can even affix these chains to another object nearby (such as a pole) to keep your Tuffbox safely in one area even when it is not in your work vehicle.

Looking Out For You and Your Stuff

Here at Tuffbox, we take looking after your stuff just as seriously as you do. We hope to make your job easier by helping you to always have the tools that you need, when you need them, all in one secure spot. Our product is already being used by businesses large and small to keep their tools and equipment safe and secure. Tuffboxes were engineered right here in Britain with the everyday worker in mind. Never fret over the security in your vehicle or at your workplace ever again. Instead, let Tuffboxes look out for you, your livelihood, and your stuff, even when you cannot be there to do so yourself.

Where to Get Your Own

Are you interested in investing in your own Tuffbox or Tuffbox accessories? If so, then visit our webpage at There you can learn more about us, the products we offer, sizes, the accessories we have for sale, and more. Or give us a call to place your order or ask any questions that you might have. Someone is always standing by, ready to help you. Check out our blog for helpful security tips both at home and on the job. With Tuffboxes, you will be taking your security to the next level. Let us help you to get secure today.

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