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Power Tool Thefts on the Rise: What is Happening and What You Can Do about It

Best way to secure your tools in your van

Power tools are integral pieces of the workday for many companies, employees, and businesses. They can also cost quite a bit of money. Unscrupulous employees, possible thieves, and even just petty criminals all know this to be true. You probably know it is true, too, if you own a business or work in an area where power tools are used in a daily basis. Recent developments in thefts mean that you should take extra precautions to protect your valuable property. In this article, we will give you the scoop on recent developments. We will also give you tips for better securing your property, like placing your power tools in boxes manufactured by Tuffboxes.

Targeted Areas

A recent string of thefts that occurred in Hampshire County showed that thieves were targeting power tools, especially those left in work vans. Most thieves know that work vans contain power tools or equipment. Over the course of just two days, five different areas within the county were targeted. Over 22 different thefts were reported. This means that it is important now more than ever to protect your expensive power tools. Even though you may not think that your workplace, van, or worksite could be a victim, chances are you could very well be robbed if you do not take the proper security precautions.

Why Might Thieves Target Power Tools? 

Power tools are often very expensive. Not only that, but they are quite easy to re-sell. Pawn shops, other businesses, or resale shops might all be willing to buy these from criminals who have committed a crime. Without any identifying marks, most power tools that are stolen and go resold are not caught. In many cases, this is a criminal act that occurs without leaving any trace behind. It certainly is not a victimless crime, however. Businesses, employees, and others all lose out when power tools or expensive equipment is taken. Thankfully, you can do your best to prevent such robberies.

Security Measures to Take

Police advise that there are a number of security measures that you can take to protect your valuables while on and off the job. Firstly, only ever park your van in a spot where you and others can see it. Preferably, choose an area that is very well lit. Take your power tools out of your van at the end of the day. Or put them somewhere safe and secure, like a locked storage container affixed to your vehicle. Never leave your tools out where someone outside of the vehicle could spot them. Think about putting some sort of mark on all of your power tools so that they are easily identifiable. Lock all your doors and windows of your vehicle and check them to be sure they are locked.

How Tuffboxes Can Help

Tuffboxes are a state-of-the-art product designed to help working people and businesses secure their valuables like tools and equipment. Made of durable metal, and secured with a chain and/or lock, you can even bolt these boxes into your vehicle. Just having your valuable stored away, locked up, and out of site can seriously deter thieves. Having your box attached to your vehicle adds yet another layer of protection. All it takes is a few minutes to store your things away and lock them at the end of the workday. And these few extra minutes can actually save you thousands of dollars if anyone ever attempts to steal your tools.

Making Your Stuff Secure 

Here at Tuffboxes, we are dedicated to making your stuff secure. Let us provide you with a piece of mind, no matter where you might be working. You can use Tuffboxes right in your vehicle, storage areas, worksites, warehouses, on the work floor, or even in office buildings. Using Tuffboxes while following the other tips mentioned above can help you to keep your stuff out of hands where it does not belong. The investment in an extra security measure like Tuffboxes might seem extreme. But as the above story illustrates, you simply cannot go without it. Don’t be a victim like other businesses. Take your own security into your own hands.

Purchasing Your Own Tuffboxes Today

If you are looking for high quality securable boxes, such as Tuffboxes, then simply head on over to their webpage here: There you can learn about our various products, accessories, or even place your order. Take a look at the various sizes of boxes that we have to offer there. Or give us a quick call. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions. We are also more than happy to tell you other tactics you can use in addition to your Tuffboxes to keep everything you own safe and secure, no matter where work takes you.

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