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Celebrating Decorating Month

Celebrating Decorating Month

Many people may not realise but April is National Decorating Month, and not surprising as many homeowners, and renters alike, are choosing to update their decor rather than their postcode.

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At Tuffboxes we thought we’d share with you our top finds online to give you all the help, advice and tips to help you along in your next professional or personal decorating project. You never know, even if you’ve been in the trade for 20 years there maybe still a tip or two to discover…

What tips & advice do you have for our readers? Share them in the comments below!

No matter what tools you use on the job, make sure you keep them safe in your van or garden shed, with a Tuffbox. All Tuffboxes come with a tough textured power coated finish, allowing them to be kept in outhouses such as sheds and garages, as well as you work’s vehicle all day, every day. Making them perfect secure storage solution, especially with pre-drilled anchor points allowing you to secure a Tuffbox (and your tools) in place to deter theft.

Keep your Decorating Tools Safe with a Tuffbox
Oh, and a little exclusive to our readers… we’ve a new Micro Tuffbox coming soon, ideal for stowing away priceless household tools in your shed, or valuable smaller tools on-the-go.
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