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Home Security with Tuffboxes

There’s been a lot of press recently about digital security from chip and pin machines being skimmed to issues with banking and website security. Just because we live in a digital age we shouldn’t ignore our home security too.

You can buy new-fangled gadgets now that sense motion in your house, turn a webcam on, record activity and notify you that you’ve an intruder straight on your mobile. Giving you the opportunity to call the police and hopefully catch them red handed. But why give them your tools or valuable items so easily in the first place?

A Tuffbox in your house is a great anti-deterrent to would-be thieves. The larger Tuffboxes are of a sturdy weight that a thief would need a weight lifting friend to help them escape with the box, and even then they’ve assumed you’ve not chained it or bolted it to the ground!

Tuffbox Security Box Features

Our smaller Micro and Original Tuffboxes are ideal in-house solutions for tools and valuable equipment, for instance; the pink range is perfect for home-based therapy technicians, beauticians and hairdressers, where their hundreds of pounds worth of equipment can be safely locked up when not in use, or when on holiday.

Car & Home Security with Tuffboxes

Don’t be fooled by its pink design, also available in blue, the Micro and Original Tuffboxes are a popular choice for surveyors and property developers estate cars or for storing tools out of site while on-the-go around the country visiting sites.

Our large Mega Tuffbox and Monser Tuffboxes are ideal garage solutions for tradesmen, property developers and keen DIY enthusiasts.   The larger Tuffboxes can hold up to eight power tools, as well as every day equipment, keeping them out of sight and mind of thieves and opportunists.

Car & Home Security with Tuffboxes

No matter your home-based profession, a Tuffbox can keep your valuables safe.

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