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Best way to secure your tools in your van

Best way to secure your tools in your van

Of course the obvious answer to this question is to not leave your tools in your van, especially overnight. However, situations call for times when you have to leave them in your van, such as staying over on a job away from home. One of the most secure ways to keep thieves from getting to your tools, is to secure them in a heavy duty metal toolbox or tool chest, such as a Tuffbox.

Van Tuffbox

Tuffboxes can be bolted to the floor of your van, or secured with one of the Tuffbox chain locks in place. Unladen a Tuffbox original is 16kg, and filled with tools can soon weigh up to 30 kg depending on the tools of course. If this is bolted to the base of your van, then it requires some force to remove it. Needless to say, they won’t be able to shift it. Up the size to the a Mega Tuffbox at 46kg unladen, and a thief has no chance.

Tuffbox Hinges

Each Tuffbox comes with heavy duty piano hinges that are exceptionally difficult to tamper with and break.  In areas prone to attack the metal thickness is doubled, to hinder attack by a thief.

Tuffbox Lock

You can’t drill out the locks either. So buy a Tuffbox, anchor it to your van, and know your tools are safe in the van.

Pink Tuffboxes

One of our Directors joked that our Pink range of Tuffboxes should be labelled ‘anti-theft colour’ as who’d want to steal a bright pink toolbox! A charitable donation to Cancer Research UK is made with all Pink Tuffboxes purchased.

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