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Keeping keys safe…

Tuffbox Keyring

When the marketing team at Tuffboxes is given a little wiggle room with the manufacturing machines they come up with some weird and wacky production runs for us! We’ve manufactured sets of coasters, and now they set about designing, manufacturing and painting 200 keyrings!

With a little (well a lot) of help from our CAD engineers and production staff here’s how it went…

Due to the cut out branding, and machine availability, the keyrings were designed by the CAD team to manufacture on our TruLaser 3030 machine. In fact, the majority of our Tuffboxes are manufactured from our laser cutter.

Tuffbox Keyring - Laser Cutting

Tuffbox Keyring - Laser Cutting

A little softening up of the edges by the polishing department to remove any tags from the laser cutting, and they headed to the paint floor.

First up a clean and de-grease through the pre-treatment line.

Tuffbox Keyring - Powder Coating

Then to dry…

Tuffbox Keyring - Powder Coating

And up first, pink! The exact same colour of our Limited Edition range of Pink Tuffboxes are painted. Not all Tuffboxes go to gents with white vans. Across the UK, ladies work in manufacturing and construction sites, and pink makes a welcome change to their black, blue, yellow and orange world. Of course we have some very brave men that take on using a Pink Tuffbox dealing with the banter on site while giving great support to Cancer Research.

Tuffbox Keyring - Powder Coating Pink

The keyrings then shuffled along to the ovens to cure and then cool.

Tuffbox Keyring - Powder Coating Pink Tuffbox Keyring - Powder Coating Pink

And while the pink stock was cooling, blue made a comeback!

Blue is our premier colour for our Tuffboxes. You can get any Tuffbox in Blue, and it has a distinct texture finish. Next through were 80 black keyrings. The exact same colour and textured finish as our Tuffbox lids.

In all, 200 colourful keyrings manufactured in an afternoon at our Factory in Oldham, Manchester… you shouldn’t have a problem finding your car keys now with this Monster Size keyring!

Tuffbox Keyrings Tuffbox Keyrings

Keep an eye on our Instagram (@constantgroupUK) and twitter (@tuffboxes) for your chance to win one in our giveaways.

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