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We introduce our BikeShed to Tuffboxes

BikeShed Bicycle Storage

With over 376,000 bicycle stolen each year, and a company filled with cycling enthusiasts, we were keen to develop a new addition to our Tuffbox range over the last few months. So, this Summer we’re pleased to announce we launched our new Tuffbox BikeShed. Like the Tuffbox Original, this is our first edition and it’ll be developing over the coming year to offer variations of size, capacity and accessories.  

But before then, let’s go over the finer details of our new family member. For full specification please visit the product page for our new large bike shed.

Some key features of our Bike Box

BikeShed - Anit-Tap Hinge

Anti-tap hinges, internal bolts and internal folds. Everything designed to keep your stuff safe, just like our Tuffbox range.

BikeShed - One Bike

1.2mm thick steel with anti-corrosion coating, first to give strength and security, second to keep it looking great for years to come.

BikeShed Air Vents

Ventilation points to keep the air moving. Hopefully will prevent any wiffy smells from muddy/wet bikes, and damp shoes if you choose to pop them in the ample space down the sides or front of the BikeShed.

BikeShed Handle and Lock

3-point pick and drill resistant lock. Internal handle as well, just in case it’s windy and the door shuts behind you. It’s a heavy door, made from 1.2mm steel, but we do have windy days in Britain!

Manufacturing bikeshed

And like all our Tuffboxes, the BikeShed is designed and manufactured in Britain, in our Manchester factory.

Tuffbox BikeShed

The BikeShed isn’t just limited for bike storage. You can store anything that’ll fit. It’s secure, and with low maintenance, easy access and a slopped roof for water runoff, it’s ideal for garden storage of patio sets to garden tools.

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