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Tuffboxes Launch 10 Year Warranty on Toolboxes and BikeSheds

Tuffboxes Launch 10 Year Warranty on Toolboxes and BikeSheds

As we head into our 12th year, we are delighted to extend our 1-year limited warranty on our both our bicycle storage range of 10 years. Of course, the warranty doesn’t cover general wear and tear, just like a car warranty doesn’t, but it does cover defects in the sheet metal and construction.

The 10-year limited warranty simply covers the perforation of the sheet metal bicycle storage units are constructed from. Perforation is when the metal tears/shears and reveals a visible hole or gap, leaving it vulnerable to theft/attack. We’re confident in our manufacturing processes and quality of steel we use in our products, we’re happy to offer a 10-year warranty on the materials. We design and manufacture all our products in our factory in Oldham, so we can keep an eye on every stage of production with quality control measures during manufacture to ensure the quality and sturdiness of the product.

To keep your BikeShed in top condition, helping preserve the warranty, please make sure to adhere to our warranty conditions, as well as our top tips:

  1. Take care of your BikeShed.
    Keep it clean, dry and free from corrosive cleaners.
  2. Preserve paintwork
    If it gets a knock or dent, which affects the paintwork, make sure you touch it up, just like a car panel that gets scratched or dented. This helps retain weather protection and warranty.
  3. 12-month warranty.
    Even though the hinges and locks are not included in our 10-year warranty, they still come with a 12-month warranty from their respective manufacturers. With this in mind, hinges, locks and moving features should be lubricated with a suitable lubricant

In the unlikely event that part of your Tuffbox bike storage develops a fault, please email the team with a description, your purchase date/information and some photographs. The team will endeavour to help assist you.