About Tuffboxes

Investment in a Tuffbox is a small outlay for long-term protection for your valuables against theft. With ease and speed our range of tuffboxes can be permanently bolted to the base of your vehicle providing the ultimate deterrent to opportunist or professional thieves. With our optional chain anchoring point that can be fitted by the factory at the point of ordering or retrofitted by you the customer at a later date our Tuffboxes can be used as fully portable site security boxes that can protect your tools from theft whilst you work with the knowledge that your tools are under lock and key.

Simon Henrick of Direct Line for Business, says: “The loss of your tools or stock can have a severe impact on your business and not having them covered makes it far more costly than it needs to be.”

At Tuffbox we recommend always closing and locking the lid on your tuffbox everytime you use it. We also recommend using the anchoring point and chain to secure your box to something secure like a metal post or anything fixed and solid especially if you are going to leave your Tuffbox somewhere from your line of sight.

Welding a tuffbox

Tuffbox is an independently owned British manufacturer of vehicle security and site boxes designed to keep valuables safe from opportunist and professional thieves. We volume produce Tuffboxes utilising the very best computer numerically controlled state of the art machinery housed in a dedicated manufacturing site based in Oldham, North West England.

Utilising advanced 3D modelling software to create innovatively designed secure storage units and to constantly develop improvements, TuffBoxes keeps itself ahead of the competition. Our production facilities are second to none and maintain our ability not only to provide quality products but also to keep our production costs down so that we can actually provide a quality British manufactured product at very similar prices to inferior manufactured products. You can rest assure that every Tuffbox  manufactured has been CNC punched to exacting tolerances and then CNC folded to retain accurate fit of all the components used to create the final product.

All the boxes are fully MIG welded and then sent for paint preparation. All the boxes are fully phosphate washed to provide anti corrosive protection but also to ensure that maximum paint adhesion takes place. Tuffboxes are then electrostatically powder coated and then oven cured at 190 degrees to provide our Tuffboxes with an excellent finish.

Mark Monterio, insurance expert, comments: “If van theft statistics continue in this vein then insurers will have little choice but to increase premiums. Van owners should ensure that they either empty their vans or make them more secure.”