We’ve moved into a new home!
It’s been a busy 2018 for us at Tuffboxes, with the launch of our new site, extension of our warranty to cover 10 years and developments underway of our Bike Shed range, but we forgot to mention we moved home! Well, 200meters to our new office block and expanded manufacturing site. Tuffboxes is part of the leading sheet metal manufacturers Constant Group Ltd, and the beginning of 2018 saw the company expand from 32,000f2 manufacturing
Tuffboxes Launch 10 Year Warranty on Toolboxes and BikeSheds
As we head into our 12th year, we are delighted to extend our 1-year limited warranty on our both our bicycle storage range of 10 years. Of course, the warranty doesn’t cover general wear and tear, just like a car warranty doesn’t, but it does cover defects in the sheet metal and construction. The 10-year limited warranty simply covers the perforation of the sheet metal bicycle storage units are constructed from. Perforation is when the
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Van Tool Box
A recent look at in-house data by Simply Business has revealed the top 10 places thus far in the 2018 for tool theft crime, with London, Sheffield, Birmingham and Leicester hitting the top spots. Their data also revealed July was a key target month for criminals, and Monday being particularly high for theft. We know all too well at Tuffboxes the methods criminals take to get the tools out of a van, from the 2016
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Fresh Coat of Paint for Tuffboxes
July 2018 saw the launch of our refreshed Tuffbox Toolbox and BikeShed website, giving a lick of paint, and a spruce up in navigation and checkout options. Matt Garlick, Managing Director, said; “Our previous site had been around for several years and served us very well, but we wanted to develop our BikeShed offering and offer new checkout options such as PayPal and promote our 10-year warranty, so we got to work in-house and started
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BikeShed Bicycle Storage
With over 376,000 bicycle stolen each year, and a company filled with cycling enthusiasts, we were keen to develop a new addition to our Tuffbox range over the last few months. So, this Summer we’re pleased to announce we launched our new Tuffbox BikeShed. Like the Tuffbox Original, this is our first edition and it’ll be developing over the coming year to offer variations of size, capacity and accessories.   But before then, let’s go over
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