Fresh Coat of Paint for Tuffboxes

Fresh Coat of Paint for Tuffboxes

Posted by constant1 on  09/08/2018

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July 2018 saw the launch of our refreshed Tuffbox Toolbox and BikeShed website, giving a lick of paint, and a spruce up in navigation and checkout options. Matt Garlick, Managing Director, said; “Our previous site had been around for several years and served us very well, but we wanted to develop our BikeShed offering and offer new checkout options such as PayPal and promote our 10-year warranty, so we got to work in-house and started
BikeShed Bicycle Storage
With over 376,000 bicycle stolen each year, and a company filled with cycling enthusiasts, we were keen to develop a new addition to our Tuffbox range over the last few months. So, this Summer we’re pleased to announce we launched our new Tuffbox BikeShed. Like the Tuffbox Original, this is our first edition and it’ll be developing over the coming year to offer variations of size, capacity and accessories.   But before then, let’s go over
Custom Toolboxes

Custom Tuffboxes

Posted by constant1 on  16/08/2016

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We’re able to offer our entire Tuffbox toolbox range in bespoke sizes, colours, and with custom branding for small and large batch runs. Perfect for construction companies to small tradesmen looking for something a bit different. As we’re a British Sheet Metal Manufacturer of secure toolboxes we can offer this level of customisation. It’s easy to get a quotation by simply getting in touch here, and let us know the following details:   Dimensions Body
Tuffbox Keyring

Keeping keys safe…

Posted by constant1 on  31/05/2016

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When the marketing team at Tuffboxes is given a little wiggle room with the manufacturing machines they come up with some weird and wacky production runs for us! We’ve manufactured sets of coasters, and now they set about designing, manufacturing and painting 200 keyrings! With a little (well a lot) of help from our CAD engineers and production staff here’s how it went… Due to the cut out branding, and machine availability, the keyrings were
Best way to secure your tools in your van
Of course the obvious answer to this question is to not leave your tools in your van, especially overnight. However, situations call for times when you have to leave them in your van, such as staying over on a job away from home. One of the most secure ways to keep thieves from getting to your tools, is to secure them in a heavy duty metal toolbox or tool chest, such as a Tuffbox. Tuffboxes