Tuffbox FAQs

General Questions and Answers

I’ve lost my key can you send me a replacement?

No. We do not offer a replacement key service, as the keys are unique and we can’t duplicate or replicate them. We advise you make sure your second/spare key for each lock is kept in a safe place, away from thieves.

Why is it not next day delivery?

Some of our most common items are shipped next day, however, our larger items have a lead time for manufacture in our UK factory. At peak times this could involve up to a 7 day wait time on some orders.

Are the products made in the UK or is that just a sales line?

Tuffbox is part of a sheet metal manufacturing company, established in 1970 in Oldham, Manchester. Every part is cut, folded, fabricated and painted in our factory. 100% Made in Britain, unlike many of the competition.

What type of finish is the paint?

All our Tuffboxes and BikeSheds are powder coated. The charity pink edition is a pink gloss finish, while the standard Tuffbox range is blue textured powder coated. Our BikeSheds are finished in a dark green textured finish and designed to be left outdoors.  Our powder coated finishes give a superior finish.

Tuffbox Toolbox Questions and Answers

What size Tuffbox do I need?

Our Tuffboxes come in four sizes, micro, original, mega and monster. Please use our reference comparison grid below to select the correct size for your needs:

Tuffbox Size Chart

How many tools can the Tuffbox hold?

Depending on what size of Tuffbox you purchase and the type/brand of tools determines the answer to this question. An average power tool box, such as a cordless drill and charge plastic box is our ‘average’ tool we used in our comparison.

As stated, these numbers may differ depending on the size of your tools, boxes and accessories.

Can I add wheels?

Yes! You can purchase castors for our Tuffboxes tool box range which can be retro-fitted to the anchor points in the base of the box. Castors cannot be applied to the Bike Shed range.

How can I compare the Tuffbox specifications?

Simply use our comparison chart that can be viewed below or click to view the comparison chart in PDF (1.3mb opens new window).

Tuffbox Comparison Chart

How many locks do the Tuffboxes have?

Micro and Original Tuffboxes come with one anti-drill lock (with a pair of keys (2 keys)). The mega and monster editions come with two anti-drill locks (with a pair of keys per lock (4 keys)).

BikeShed Questions and Answers

Can I install the BikeShed on my garden lawn or gravel yard?

No. Ideally you need to install the BikeShed onto a concrete, level, surface. Over time on grass or soil the Bike Shed will sink into the ground, just accelerating possible corrosion.

Why is there such a high cost to BikeShed delivery on my area?

We deliver all BikeSheds through our own delivery team. We can not send the BikeShed via a regular courier or Royal Mail due to the weight (100kg+). With our own delivery team, we know the BikeShed will arrive in good condition and on-time. Find out more about delivery here.

Does the BikeShed come with a base?

Yes! All our BikeShed’s come with a galvanised steel base. We believe a complex ‘box’ for your bike is best, and makes sure all elements fit together. Each BikeShed base can be secured to your flat surface through pre-drilled anchor points.

BikeShed Assembly Instructions

If you’ve lost your BikeShed assembly instructions you can download a new set here.

Does the BikeShed come pre-assembled?

No. A set of instructions will be provided with your BikeShed. We recommend two people construct your bicycle storage, and to allow up to 90minutes to build it. You will need to make sure to secure it to the ground at the time of installation.

Will my stuff inside the BikeShed get damp/condensation?

This is a tricky question to answer! We have built into the design several ventilation grills along the side, and a sloped roof so water runs off. However, if you place damp clothes or accessories into the shed, and seal it up you may find natural condensation will occur inside when there isn’t a lot of airflow from external factors. We would advise all items inside the shed are dried down first before the shed is closed and secured.  Another top tip is to avoid positioning the BikeShed next to bushes and trees so runoff water isn’t an issue, likewise this is why BikeSheds should not be installed onto lawns/grass areas.

Why is the BikeShed so heavy?

We use galvanised steel, which makes the BikeShed secure, stable and strong. With steel comes weight, and the ability to add powder coat protective paint to help protect it against the elements and defy easy theft due to the weight.