TB Lockdown Chain

£19.20 (inc. VAT)

A heavy-duty 8mm link steel thick chain which is 1200m in length, complete with red-sleeve to give element protection when used outside. Due to the looped designed that works with our Tuffbox handle, the chain allows you to secure your Tuffbox to a fixed point such as a pole or wall brace without the need for another set of keys.


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The TB LockDown is a heavy duty sleeved chain to secure your Tuffbox to a static object on-site, or even in your van. Every Tuffbox comes complete with side handles with capped holes, and these act as access holes for the chain to pass through to secure the chain to the box, and the box to a fixed point. It is then secured by an 8mm steel carbine quick release hook. Simple to use, and requires no tools to fit.

As the TB LockDown chain can only be fastened and unfastened when the box is open, so you don’t have to worry about carrying another set of keys! If you’ve got a set of our TB Move Castors on our Tuffbox, then the TB LockDown also doubles up as a handy tow chain for pulling.

  • Ultra tough 1200mm hardened stainless steel 8mm link chain
  • 8mm ultra tough hardened stainless steel carbine quick release hook
  • Weather protection red sleeve fitted
  • Instant fit no modifications required to your Tuffbox
  • Works with all models of Tuffbox, including our smallest, Tuffbox Micro Tool Box

Additional information

Can be retrofitted


Element Protection


Steel Thickness


Tuffbox Compatibility

Mega, Micro, Monster, Original

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