TB ForkFeet (Monster/Mega)

£18.26 (inc. VAT)

The Standard TB ForkFeet, designed and manufactured in Britain, allows you to lift you Monster or Mega Tuffbox off the ground and allow a forklift to move your larger Tuffbox tool chest from van to site location with ease. Weather protection coated, anchors to drill points in your Tuffbox and easy to install.

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Our standard Tuffbox ForkFeet (TB Forkfee) is, of course, a simple and efficient way to raise your Tuffbox Mega or Tuffbox Monster off the ground to allow a Fork Lift truck to move the box from location to location on site or unload the tool chest from van to site. The ForkFeet are designed and manufactured in Britain, as like our Tuffboxes, and utilise the pre-drilled mounting point holes in the base of your Mega and Monster Tuffboxes. We powder coat all our steel TB ForkFeet with a durable black paint, which gives them weather protection as well as making them more durable.

  • Uses existing mounting holes on your TUFFBOX so no extra work is required
  • Can be added to existing Tuffbox Mega and Monster models with no modifications
  • Supplied with all fixing bolts and washers
  • Large access hole for a socket set to be used when fitting
  • Heavy duty mild steel construction
  • Fully phosphated anti-corrosion treated
  • Fully powder-coated for tough durable protection

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Can be retrofitted


Element Protection


Fixings Included


Tuffbox Compatibility

Mega, Monster

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