Super TB LockDown Heavy Duty Chain

£47.99 (inc. VAT)

The Super LockDown chain combines heavy-duty 8mm link hardened and zinc plated steel for corrosion protection and extra thick protection. It covers 1800mm in length (6ft), and complete with a plastic sleeve to give element protection when used outside. Due to the looped designed that works with our Tuffbox handle, the chain allows you to secure your Tuffbox to a fixed point such as a pole or wall brace without the need for another set of keys.

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The Super Lockdown is a substantial heavy-duty locking chain for our range of Tuffboxes. Using the same locking method as the standard LockDown chain, and fits easily by looping the chain through the handles. Simply pass the ends of the SuperLockdown through these openings into the box, and affix them to the supplied Carbine hook, which attaches to the inside of the Tuffbox by means of its attaching hole (see pictures). This means that the SuperLockdown can be used to lock your Tuffbox to an immovable object, or objects can be locked to your Tuffbox.

No modifications are required for any of our Tuffboxes before use with our SuperLockdown, meaning it can be retro-fitted at another time and easy to install.

  • Made from 8mm square link chain, hardened and zinc plated for corrosion protection
  • 1800mm(6ft) long makes it easier to chain items to it like ladders and generators
  • Comes complete with 8mm carbine hook that locks the chain inside the box, no extra keys to lose!
  • Can be used with any of our range of Tuffboxes with no modifications
  • Can be used on either side of any of the Tuffbox
  • Added weather protection with plastic sleeve coating over the chain
  • The difference between the

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Can be retrofitted


Element Protection


Fixings Included


Steel Thickness


Tuffbox Compatibility

Mega, Micro, Monster, Original

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