Tuffbox Care

Tuffbox Care

Anchor Your Tuffbox

We also recommend using the anchoring point and chain to secure your box to something secure like a metal post or anything fixed and solid especially if you are going to leave your Tuffbox somewhere from your line of sight.

Locking Up

At Tuffbox we recommend always closing and locking the lid on your Tuffbox everytime you use it.

Weather Protection

To keep your Tuffbox in prime condition, we recommend drying it down when it has been exposed to harsh rain downfall to help prevent rust formation.


We would always recommend you insure your valuables / tools / van. Tuffboxes is not liable for theft of your box or valuables inside. We take all care to maximise prevention of theft with the design and manufacture of our Tuffboxes and BikeShed, but nothing is 100% guaranteed, unfortunately.

Castor Weight

Each TB Move Castor has a maximum load limit of 90kgs, which means the castors will take a load of 360kg maximum. If you have a Tuffbox Monster at 75kg unladen, the maximum weight contents of the Tuffbox is 285kg.

Replacement Keys

We do not offer a replacement key service. Your keys are unique to the Tuffbox, and we would advise you keep the spare key in a safe place in case of damage or loss of the main key.